Anmol Saini

Inner Voice

What if I told you that some people can't relate to this meme. What if I tell you that some people are unlocking new levels of loneliness. They don't have an inner voice.

What is Beauty?

The one common request for anything that I designed was Make it beautiful. I could never make sense of this abstract request. What do they mean by beautiful? Would they call Craigslist beautiful?

New Index Fund

The quick way to get rich was to set up a bot that buys Dogecoin whenever Elon Musk tweets about it. Another way is to start an index fund and invest wherever US


We all are educated smart shoppers and can find deals. In short, we loot the big companies daily without them knowing. I can immediately tell if there's a price increase. In fact, being

Yin-Yang of AI

What if I tell you that AI governing both robots is the same? And this is not how AI overloads will look like. They will be invisible. We can’t give personality to