New Index Fund

New Index Fund
Photo by Nick Chong / Unsplash

The quick way to get rich was to set up a bot that buys Dogecoin whenever Elon Musk tweets about it.

Another way is to start an index fund and invest wherever US Senator and Congressmen are investing. Most likely they are doing good research before investing (since they have a lot of knowledge that we don't have)

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This might turn out to be a good idea that is floating around for the last decade. Kaggle should pick data from such sites and put it out in wild to the right audience.

Know your audience

AWS is recommending that we should go for reserved servers (don't like word instance) because the current one is under-utilised. They are absolutely correct. They plotted the chart and made the pitch to me. Even showcased the dollars that I am currently spending and would be saving if I accept their wisdom.  

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If they were aware of the audience, then their pitch would be you are growing at X% per year as from the past usage data (if you are collecting data then at least use it for me too), and with this rate, it would take around Y months to reach optimal usage of this server. You can go for a flexible reserved server. You will be able to save X dollars and your clients will never face performance issues.

BTW being a developer I know how I am planning (for past couple of years) to do a final cleaning on the server which will reduce the load and we can then go for reserving the server. Maybe I can even make it work on a Raspberry Pi.

Bottomline - Pitch after studying your audience and never ask developers for reserved servers because every tech startup is in the evolving phase.