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Hi There, my name is Anmol Saini. This is my blog sandbox where I dump the shining bits of interesting stuff sprinkled with my understanding (which I keep on updating).


I would like to thank magician, books and luck (in same order). I know it's a weird acceptance speech. But it will make sense if you entertain me for the next 5 mins.

There are certain memories of the past that I can replay in my head like it's happening now. I guess these incidents are on brain's SSD for a reason.

First Dot

One such memory is when I visited magician 18 years back. I was sitting in the first row. My eyes glued to the stage waiting for the magician to appear AND the curtain went up. Not sure if it was the photons from the spotlight or the neon colour clothes that hit my eyes first. The magician bowed to welcome all of us, with his big black hat in one hand. Aaaaannnnd suddenly he pulled a rabbit out of the hat. That was the moment my brain started overclocking. He did tricks after tricks for the next 60 mins.

My eyes were enjoying it, but the mind was in total denial. I was not ready to accept that natural rules can be bent. That this man, wearing weird clothes, can beat physics. It was a disturbing experience for me, and I was puzzled for a lot of days after the show. Internet was not a commodity, so daydreaming was the only option to solve this riddle of magic. One day while purchasing books for next class, I came across a book titled "101 magic tricks" and the cover page had the same rabbit picture. I immediately bought it (OK maybe it missed the part of me convincing my dad as why this book on magicians is important for my growth). I binge-read (if such term exists) it, AND it was so simple. I felt foolish and disturbed (again) to discover magic does not exist. My mind was now free from this puzzle, but I felt that void, so I started searching for the next thing that looked like magic to fill the empty space.

Another dot

My home is few miles away from a popular city (Chandigarh).  One of my cousin came to Chandigarh for higher education. He was a regular-common-boring cousin right before he disclosed that he owns a computer. As per me, we were best buddies after this fact (never checked with him). Since computer was the jewellery item of that time, he decided to put it at my home. He would come on weekends and use it. Now, I can not let this smart calculator sit idle on weekdays. So I hacked into it (or maybe just asked my cousin for password through my mom to learn typing). And I was again in the same magic show. It had Britannica Encyclopedia installed and within weeks I was the expert on Bermuda Triangle, UFO, Area 51, Black Hole. It was my own Neuralink for transferring all data to my mind. One time my cousin left a Robert Lafore C++ book at home. I declared myself God after printing "Hello World". That was my introduction to the world of creation via programming. And I was printing inverted pyramid on screen within months.

Yet another dot?

After my graduation in IT, I got an internship and was introduced to Intellectual Property (patents). Shakespeare felt easy after reading the patent on day 1. For the first time, I came across some writing that is designed not to transfer knowledge to another person. Slowly I gathered how to read patents and make sense of these Greek letters disguised as English alphabets. And once I started reading patents, I realized it's the script for the magic show of the future! I was hooked to patents after that point. Suddenly time travelling was possible, I could see what would happen in the future clearly by connecting patents.

Looking back at canvas filled with dots

It's been 12+ years since I was introduced to the IP world. During this time, I was lucky to work with people who were more excited than me. Since it's the technology of the future, I am building the Lego blocks of the coming time with my Product Development Team. Our products are removing the barrier of entry to the world of patents and upgrading everyone to be the Shakespeare. 18 years ago, the magic show went for 60 minutes for eyes, but for my brain it is still going on every day. Only this time, It's my pursuit of how to build products that feel magical.

Why do I write?

I think there's a huge overlap between writing and Software. You write them once and it's reachable to a massive audience at no additional cost. I have been writing software (products) for the past 10 years. And this blog is my hello world attempt at writing.

Writing is the medium through which thinking happens.

I think good writing is like a Tetris Game. You carefully place all the pieces. One by one. The audience could see the pieces fitting together. If writing is really good, they will also start anticipating the empty space. In case you are nailing it, people will be curious to fill that blank pocket in middle. Finally, you drop it, the inverted L that fits perfectly and boom! It all makes sense.

The screen clears out and you are ready to do it again!

Writing is like a windshield wiper for brain and life is a muddy road


The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. - Mark Twain

I am obsessed with reading. I read anything that amuses me. It all starts from a comment or link or a random post. I then go into the rabbit hole which ends up with reading few books.

I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me. —Ralph Waldo



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