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We all are educated smart shoppers and can find deals. In short, we loot the big companies daily without them knowing.

I can immediately tell if there's a price increase. In fact, being a smart shopper I can even tell the prices of items orally. I thought I was smart until I listened to Planet Money.

Companies are aware of this phenomenon too so they are now doing changes on another axis. Weight! Yes, they are shrinking the products. This is called Shrinkflation. Because no one notices the weight of items.

Lonely Panic Buying
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Back in the day, Dworsky says, he remembers buying bigger candy bars and bigger rolls of toilet paper. The original Charmin roll of toilet paper, he says, had 650 sheets. Now you have to pay extra for "Mega Rolls" and "Super Mega Rolls" — and even those have many fewer sheets than the original. To add insult to injury, Charmin recently shrank the size of their toilet sheets. Talk about a crappy deal. - Source

Weird Flex but okay

My journey of sucking at CSS is now less harsh. I was struggling with float and then my friend introduced me to a frog with flex. After playing with him I was pro for few minutes and then went back to again floating elements.

Chrome 92 has introduced the grid editor to make things easy for me. One less thing to search!

Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini