GPT-3 - Last Model

Photo by Possessed Photography / Unsplash

GPT-3 would be an interesting inflection point in history. The auto-complete on steroids is now accessible to everyone.

We will see AI-generated content everywhere. Journalism, fiction, forums, comments, reviews, newsletters, movie scripts. In a few years, it will be the dominant content on the Internet. Just seed the model with initial thought and let it do the rest of the work.

I wonder if there would be a time in future where communities will crave original human thought, where human content will be treated as the ONLY rich data. Companies may market AI as modelled on purely human thoughts (data). The newsletter will be sold as written by humans.

GPT-3 would be the last model that was trained on human-generated content.

In IP jargon, GPT-3 would be the backward citation of every model that follows.

Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini