Video Conference - Why no one has fixed it yet?

Photo by Surface / Unsplash

Imagine sitting in a conference room, brainstorming the next year's strategy. One person is shouting all the time, another one just barely whispers, and you just see lips moving. Sounds frustrating?

Yet, it happens daily in our virtual calls. I see a lot of features being added like a collaborative drawing-pad, and reactions via emoji while ignoring the fundamental experience.

Everyone's mic has different sensitivity. And this is a well-researched problem, every time you flip the TV channel, the volume is normalised (except for some Indian news channels).

There are companies like Krisp solving such problems, but to me, it feels like it should be part of the core product experience. Metaverse is all good and shiny, let's first fix regular calls first.

Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini