UX evolving backwards

touch screens in cars - good UX?

UX evolving backwards
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

I recently upgraded the infotainment system of my car. It's a 10" Android Auto, aesthetically closest to Tesla. Looks great. I used maps to navigate back, and it was so smooth. I declared it as one of the best decisions.

As I am using it more and more, the appeal is evaporating. The issue is touch screen needs visual attention every time I perform primary actions (volume, switch song). The tactile feedback of knobs and buttons of the older system was far easy to operate without losing focus. This is why the aeroplane cockpit is full of buttons and not a 120hz ultra-wide touchscreen.

I guess Tesla started this trend as their ultimate objective was to reach to Level 5 autonomy, and the concept of driving will vanish. You will be free to spend all your time on the iPad pasted on your dashboard.

It's one of the cases where UI improved but UX deteriorated.