GitHub Copilot - There's no going back

GitHub Copilot - There's no going back
Photo by Roman Synkevych πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ / Unsplash

For the last two weeks, I am writing code using Github Copilot and it's addictive. The context it picks from existing code is mind-blowing. It's not a regular autocomplete model trained on Stackoverflow.

Here's one example where I intentionally left the whole program blank. The entire context was in just one variable name. This is what might have happened behind the scenes

If year_4 has length 4, then the variable year_2 must have length two. If this was not enough it picked the last two digits of the variable instead of the first.
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Projects like Github-copilot will accelerate the code writing speed. It's good for people who are new to coding, as I still Google the commands to compress a folder. It's learning + practising mashed as one. I believe more refined versions (some examples below) will pop up soon once we accept it's normal to write code with an AI assistant.

- Want code snippets from the latest documentation
- Want code snippets that are compatible with all the browsers
- Want code snippets that follow Airbnb's js best practices