Death of the Internet?

Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Recently came across a conspiracy theory, that says the Internet died in 2016 and now it's full of bots. Any content that you consume (including this post) is by AI. I can solve fire hydrant captcha easily so you never know if I am a bot. But there's a lot of traffic and content that is generated by bots. Sometimes these bots also spoil the algorithms like YouTube with fake views, Instagram likes and Twitter posts.

These signals (view, like) are easy to fake, write a small automation script over the weekend, and there are companies earning millions by giving out such services. No AI.

If we fast forward this theory to 10 years, the Dead Internet theory may not sound that ridiculous. The type of output being produced by GPT-3 and DALL.E2 is amazing. It's hard to distinguish if the new content being published is raw human thought or if it's a derivative/polished version of scripts generated by these models. The hot trend right now is to sit on this rocket of content generation models. AI as the co-author is cool (if we skip US patent system).

I wonder once it's saturated when these models will become commodities (and they will), would there be a phase when we will start tagging content by humans as special?

Footnote - I love conspiracy theories, they put such a unique perspective on how we view things! What's your favourite theory?

Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini