Abstractions in coding are bad but also good

Abstractions in coding are bad but also good
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash

Whenever I learn new technology, abstractions act like best friends. Just type a function and the database is now connected, type another command and auth layer is up. It's like an old man's co-pilot. Within a week I declare myself an expert.

But whenever I have to debug a core error I hate abstractions as they give the illusion of expertise. Docker is not working and spitting out 200 lines of error, guess which error might be the core error and search on Stack. Webpack is not compiling, again start the random search on Stack.

Don't import every new shiny library, language, or tool in production unless you are familiar with how it works at the fundamental level.

Abstractions are good only if you know what's getting abstracted.