Who owns the Biological Scissors?

This week USPTO concluded [https://www.scribd.com/document/561762623/106-115-Decision-on-Priority] that Harvard and MIT will have patent rights to CRISPR instead of UC Berkeley. CRISPR let scientist edit the blueprint of human

UX at Hardware

Every car on road is not Tesla, so we are getting small tweaks in non-Tesla cars for assistive driving. One such case is when you miscalculate the next turn and will end up

When U is silent in UX

Try to speak up the colour name instead of the word. You would struggle a little to do this task. Because contradictory information is provided, our brains take some time for decision-making. This

Lava Lamps working hard

Code is highly logical and predictable. That's why it's powerful. Code can kill randomness to great extent. But there are certain operations where randomness is desired. Where you may praise intern code that