Redefining fever after 150 years ft. Covid 19

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advise that a person who has a temperature of 100.4° Fahrenheit or above has a fever. This was from research done in 1868 (154 years ago).

100.4° F is the tipping value that security guards look for when you enter a hotel, restaurant, shopping mall or airport. But we all don't have the same core temperature throughout the day. Scanning temperature was not common before Covid so it was not a problem. As a result lot of false positives, which are not helping anyone.

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Photo by Anton / Unsplash

What if we can monitor the temperature continuously (fitness band) and make a Personal Warning Temperature? A personalised range that takes into account my regular temperature, fluctuations happening throughout the day and tell me if I have fever (Covid) or not.

That's what these two patents US11224345B1, US11224346B1 did. It's mind-boggling how solutions of our day to day problems are hidden in patents.

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